Have you ever thought about the very practical ways that God answers prayer?  I’m not thinking about the miraculous, but the everyday, mundane ways that God uses you and me to answer a prayer.

This week, I was waiting for a package to arrive.  My order would help me serve others and improve my work.  So I was praying that this package would arrive quickly.  I was given a timeframe, but was praying for something quicker.

In praying for a package to arrive so that my life would be improved and that I might serve others more effectively, I began to think about all of the constituent parts that would go into the Lord answering my prayer:

  • the clerical staff who placed my order
  • the manufacturer of the item
  • the shipping company

And this list doesn’t even include the developers of computer technologies, GPS location systems, manufacturers for various parts, transportation systems, and the endless list of possible delays in ordering, making, or shipping this item.

In praying for a simple request, I was struck by how my prayer assumes so much: a well-run office staff, technology and mechanical engineering that works consistently, a shipping company transporting packages efficiently, and the many people involved all along the way.  And there are so many more pieces than I am aware!

So next time you pray, consider the majesty of how God is working in 10,000 ways – almost entirely unseen and unknown to you and me – to accomplish his purposes and answer your prayers!

Time to run – the delivery company just arrived!


May God expand your awe of him as you consider his awesome power in answering your prayers,

~Pastor Andrew



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