As much as summertime is a great time to crack open a book, there is one book that I can’t recommend highly enough. It continues to be the all-time best seller, has influenced some of the greatest minds, and is the most accessible book of all time.

It’s the Bible.

Summertime is a great time to recalibrate our devotional habits. We may have started in January with ambitious goals to read through the New Testament of maybe the entire Bible. For many people, the desire faded and is almost a forgotten goal.

With the arrival of summer, there is an opportunity to take time to change your pace. By making a plan to read, you could read at least half of the books of the Bible this summer!

Did you know that of the 66 books of the Bible, 33 books can be read in 30 minutes or less? Thirteen books could be read from start to finish in less than 10 minutes, and another 11 books would take you less than 16 minutes? Just take a look at this chart and see how you could pick up your Bible and get back into a good devotional groove!

By reading through a shorter book in one sitting, you could re-read one book several times over a week. Try and pick out themes, let the flow of the argument sink in, and become familiar with the book. Maybe you’ve always wanted to memorize some passages. By reading the same book over and over, you will become familiar with the message and have more opportunities to meditate on God’s Word and let it dwell richly in your heart (Col. 3:16). Pray Psalm 119:18 and ask God to open your eyes to see wonderful things in his Word. Expect that you’ll be surprised.

But most importantly, take up and read. I promise you this: you won’t be disappointed!


Taking up and reading with you,





As we gather for Sunday worship, we want you to meet with God and be transformed by the Word. Prepare your heart by reading the passage and listening to the songs for Sunday.

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