Today we are having a Polar Blast of a time here at VBS! We have nearly 80 children here learning about the wonderful love of Jesus. Our cool crew leaders, our kitchen helpers, our organizer extraordinaire (thanks Heather!) and everyone running crafts and activities makes this day a great joy! And to be honest, I’m having a blast as well!

VBS reminds me of my childhood. When I was a young boy, it was at an event like the one we’re holding today where I received Jesus Christ. I remember it clearly: a magician was doing his illusions and shared the good news that Jesus died for sinners – like me – and the light bulb went on. The penny dropped. I needed Jesus. I went to the back of the auditorium to the library where we could talk to someone about receiving Jesus. There were many other kids there who were looking for candy. But I was looking for Jesus. Or if I’m really honest, Jesus had found me and I needed someone to walk me through the next steps.

On that evening, in the church library, I knelt on my knees with our pastor’s wife, Mrs. Erdman, who lead me in a simple prayer: “Lord Jesus, I’ve done wrong. Please forgive me and come into my life.” And I believe that something changed that day. It set me on a new course.

When I see these children at our VBS Polar Blast, I can’t help but think how it was at an event like this where Jesus got ahold of my life. And I’m praying that the same thing will happen for all of these children. And if the light bulb doesn’t go on today, I’ve prayed that the seeds of the gospel will have been sown in their lives and that some day they would remember this glorious message and believe.

Jesus welcomed children. He loved children. He warned his disciples to not hinder children from coming to him (Mk 10:13-16). And when a little life is gripped in the hands of Jesus, they are spared from 10,000 follies.

As we move forward as a church, we want to reach children. Our desire to hire a Children’s Ministry Director is to follow in the ways of Jesus who welcomed children. We want to share Jesus with children and minister to our community. On Sunday, we’ll have a family chat where we will share more about this passion. I hope you’ll join us.

Whether you can join us or not, would you pray for the children in our church and community and ask the Lord Jesus to rescue them?


For the next generation,




As we gather for Sunday worship, we want you to meet with God and be transformed by the Word. Prepare your heart by reading the passage and listening to the songs for Sunday.

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